“Lighting the Lamp of Knowledge to serve the society in the noblest of the ways.”


The aim of Education is the Knowledge, not of
facts, but of values. – Dr.Abdul kalam.
We at Aditya National Public School believe in
holistic development of a child by nuturing
their potential and maximize their efficiency.

Imparing quality education through Knowledge,
Innovation and teamwork to kindle the
entrepreneurial skill amongst students for overall
social upliftment.

We aspire to make our
students to be a successful person in the society
irrespective of any field they choose.


Aditya National Public School strongly believe in
“Understanding each child” and their potential.No Child is Left
behind is our Motto.

Young toddlers studiously learn the thoughts
transformed to them in a happy environment. When happy
environmet is created the fabulous talents embedded in them
emerges out.

Students work as a team and think as
individuals, expresses their feelings, contributing
their ideas using the curriculum.

Our Qualities

“At Aditya National Public School, we work hard to ensure
that all children enjoy learning. We believe that children
learn best when they are engaged, motivated and
interested and when they are given the correct support
and challenge in order to reach their potential.”

The ANPS “seven skills” lie at the heart of our school
and our curriculum. They were written by staff and
children together:

Happy and confident with self belief Imaginative
Active thinkers (enquiring, questioning, challenging)
Respectful and tolerant.

Working together as a team
Good communicators and listeners Confident to take
risks meet challenges and always try their best Able to
take ownership and responsibility for their learning.