Admission Open for the Academic year 2024

From Pre-KG to 10th STD.


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Children’s education has always been on top priority for parents. Various attempts are made by the parents so that their children get the best education. These attempts include hassle of finding schools, identifying the specific skills that the school focuses on and determining the facilities needed for the children to learn. Academic achievement in school can increase the confidence of children.

The school environment plays a major role in moulding the child’s behavior.Aditya Institutions has geared up to achieve the prominence as an innovator in education, responding to the variety needs of a changing population.

At aditya national public school, we work hard to ensure that all children enjoy learning. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged, motivated and interested and when they are given the correct support and challenge in order to reach their potential.

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Our school Dress code

Children assigned to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday should come to school smartly dressed in a clean uniform, black shoes, ties, and belts.

Our School Timing


  • Our School starts at 8.45 AM IST in the assembly
  • Classes starts from 9.00 AM IST to 3.00 PM
  • School is from Monday to Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday are Holidays.

House System — 4 Houses


Our School follows 4 Houses as mentioned below, Each of the students of Aditya National Public School will be included under a House.

  • Red       — Ruby
  • Green   — Emerald
  • Blue      — Sapphire
  • Yellow  — Topaz

Students under each house will compete with each of the other House Students and will try to beat the other Houses. The Best House will be

Chosen at the year end based on the points scored by them in Competitions and achievements.

Our Student Strength

partiesAditya National Public School has a Growing strength of 550 students currently and this number is set to increase in the Future.


Our School Rules & Regulations


  • Be regular and punctual in attendance
  • Be smart in your prescribed form
  • Keep your uniform and books neat and tidy.
  • Be systematic and methodical in your work. Use the diary for noting down all you have to do with reference to your studies.
  • Regard the school property as your own and save it from any damage.
  • Do not spoil the walls of the school with scribbling.
  • Do not tear pages/sheets from your note books. Do not throw them in the class room or its surroundings. Pick up all the paper bits lying around and throw them in the paper basket/dust bin
  • While having your food during the recess have a paper or towel underneath the carrier and eat without spilling the contents.
  • Always give a helping hand to your class mates.
  • Respect your teachers, parents and elders.
  • Take interest in games and sports and other co-curricular activities.
  • Use the toilets properly

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