Aditya school is a secondary school operated in association with Aditya Institutions, colleges which are used for the training, educational research, and professional development.

In either case there is no hiding from students, while that observation may occur, as it is plainly obvious there are special mirrors or cameras in the room. But they do not know when observation may or may not be occurring.

Computer Lab – STEM Program ( AI, Coding & Robotics):

The school has a well designed Computer Lab with many Computers having all accessories like colour monitors ,speakers, headphone, UPS, CD Drives , CD Writer a collection of CD’s on wide topics and even an internet connection. The students of all classes are taught theory and practical by well trained teachers.

Science Labs:



From Grade -6 Onwards the science by divided into Physics, Chemistry, Botany Zoology. For all the science subjects, the Labs are be separated with modern equipments for evolving the students experimental thoughts be come true. Our Labs helps students on the experimental knowledge, get assistance from concern teachers.

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