Dr. B.A. Vishwanath     Chairman

Life is a progression from darkness to light, and knowledge is the beacon of light which illuminates our path to self-realization. Education trains one to act and think independently to produce individuals who consider services before self. With this motivation, a dedicated band of Philanthropists planted the seedlings of the present Aditya Institutions.

In the present age, competition is in almost every walk of life and hence the present decade is termed as the decade of competitions. Ironically, this challenging term seems to be missing in its true spirit in most of the modern educational institutions. The strong conviction of making a person educated in true sense and no merely a literate makes us a little different. We are also proud to offer the scholarship programmes for the deserving students who are meritorious and are deprived of availing quality higher education.Thirst for bringing out qualified individuals of high caliber to take advantage of immense opportunities the world offers, demonstrates the mission of relentless servicein education by the trust / institution. While wishing you the very best of success in pursuing your chosen career, I remain upholding our motto of “Lighting the lamp of knowledge to serve the society in the noblest of the ways”.

The college campus is situated in the heart of Bangalore City which is just 12 km away from the Bangalore City Railway Station & Bus Stand surrounded by greeneries and serene atmosphere. Aditya Institutions has geared up to achieve the prominence as an innovator in education, responding to the variety needs of a changing population. We value access to education and embrace opportunities to utilize advanced technology, innovation and creativity to provide highest quality education.

On behalf of the faculty, students, administration and staff, we welcome you to our Institution and the excellent educational opportunities in various streams.

Education is a continuous process by which a generation is prepared for the future by providing as many opportunities as possible to develop every aspect of indivitully,in order to sustain the time tested institutions which maintain the law and order in the world.

The aim or our school is to develop the best that is hidden in children and to prepare them for the challenges of a changing world of tomorrow,through encouragement of high caliber self discipline,intellectual growth and physical fitness. The motto of our school is “Lighting the lamp of knowledge and wisdom for a sound character caliber and vision.”the purpose of this school prospectus is to convey the essence of Aditya National Public School as far as possible it pursues an academic procedure with a view to ensure excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Each and every child in our school receives individual and personal attention and the maximum comforts possible. We try our level best to make Teaching and Learning a purposeful,meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Aditya National Public School is committed to provide an atmosphere to develop the individual personality of each child and to inculcate in the children, an awareness of our rich cultural heritage .It imparts education which is a happy blend of the traditional and Western values, an educational system which nutures the best traditions of our culture and also absorbs the finer Western influences.

It is our pleasure to provide the climate for a wholesome and integrated upbringing,seeking to produce well adjusted dynamic,virtuous wise students equipped with valuable qualities. Of leadership and alertness. We also aim to develop in the students that may help them to lead a meaningful and useful life and make them noble citizens of our country.

This prospectus may not give all the details of academic activity at school. This will be possible if you can pay a visit to the school and meet the concerned officers personally and get in touch with our staff.

Mrs.Shirley Abraham   Principal (ANPS )

My motto “Create in me a clean Heart, O God and renew right spirit within me.”

I feel proud and honoured to be part of Aditya group of Institutions. I thank the Chairman for giving me an opportunity to join his team for the growth of this institution. Since I have been rooted in ICSE Stream, for more than 20 years of experience, I believe strongly in good comprehension of education.

We are an inclusive school and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of everyone within the school. We care about our young children, with our first priority always to make sure they are happy and safe so that they are able to develop the interest in learning.

Our Academic standards will improve with the new curriculum I designed. This will ensure that children are both engaged and able to succeed in an ever changing world.

We place a great deal of emphasis on students’ personal development. In addition, we have an extensive package of extra-curricular activities to help enrich children’s academic and social experiences, taking learning beyond the classroom.

We celebrate achievement and strive to give each child a thirst for life-long learning which will equip them with the tools to excel in their learning skills.

A warm welcome to all the Parents and Students for an exciting new Academic year 2024-2025.